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Jayne The Payne

Writers Needed

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It just occurred to me:

why not have a UK property market entry in the Wikipedia?

Has anybody on here ever submitted articles?

I did a few searches but could not get anything relevant.

It may be a good place to list facts, debunk some of the myths and VI spin and propose a link to HPC.

A link from there perhaps:


I would give it a go but I know that there are much more capable people out there.

Any volunteers?

Perhaps we could have a thread to discuss the structure and content in an organised manner?

I'm thinking along the lines of:

Understanding the UK property market

1. Influencing factors

1.1 Supply

1.1.1 Existing housing stock

1.1.2 New construction

1.1.3 Demographics

1.2 Demand

1.2.1 FTB

1.2.2 BTL

1.3 Interest rates

1.4 Debt levels/Inflation


2. History

3. Current situation

4. Theories for the future

4.1 Soft landing

4.2 Crash


5. How the health of the market is measured

5.1 Government figures

5.1.1 Land registry

5.1.2 OPDM

5.2 Mortgage lenders figures

5.2.1 Nationwide

5.2.2 Halifax

5.2.3 CML

5.3 Chartered surveyors

6. Popular myths and opposed views

Anyone feeling up to the task? :unsure:

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That’s an excellent idea :) – the subject is probably big enough for a stand-alone Wiki, possibly even set up as part of HPC.

It’s a shame that so much of the expertise and information on HPC is buried and inaccessible under the enormous mountain of ‘noise’ that some way of organising and presenting it coherently would be really useful – and a wiki is a natural for this!

Just needs PHP hosting - which we already have ...

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why not have a UK property market entry in the Wikipedia?

The UK property bubble already has an entry on Wikipedia with a link over to HPC .... :)

There is a further section here which has plenty of room to be expanded, too.

Be aware that when contributing to articles on Wikipedia they must be both factual and express a neutral point of view.

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The thing is the page isn't retrieved if you type in the search engine:

UK property

British property (as per the wiki title)

or variations on housing market/house prices, etc.

I was only able to get it via Bubble, then Economic Bubble

Any way this could be improved?


:) [embarassed grin]

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