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Telegraph "are Mortgage Lenders 'profiteering' As House Prices Fall?"

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If in doubt blame the banks again!

Another article that doesn't seem to understand IR margin, risk and absolute IRs properly.

At least it has "house prices fall" in the headline.

The margins banks are working on currently are the highest in history. With the benefit of outrageous margins on mortgages and lower than inflation saving rates, the banks have 'rebuilt their balance sheets' and posted billion pound profits. Where did anyone imagine it came from? It is nothing more than theft from savers and overcharging mortgagees. The Govt has no interest in mentioning this do they?! Might aswell put up interest rates to control inflation and help savers. I doubt the banks would dare put up motgage rates very much for fear of fuelling the crash. They would squeeze their own margins back to normal first.

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You have to love this last comment : "Savers should be happy to help hard working families out now"

It was our oh so famous Sibley!!! Very funny little bitch about HPCers living in bedsits.

I think he is twisted that HPC philosophy is mainstream and he suspects all such post are conspiracy by us.

Tin foil hat for Sibley.

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