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Piggie Virgin

Date Joined May 2005

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Posted Today 12:11 PM (GMT 0)

hello ppl

thanks for all your replies and the office banter thrown in for good measure ....lol

the average yeild in Uk property is in the region oof 4-5% (i may b wrong), so in my opionion and experinece if u can find properties and then rent them out which give double the average yeild, ie, 8%+ this is my veiw is excellent .... one of u said this was not good and only for amateur investors ... 2 b honest i know lots of experienced investors whom wud jump at the chance 2 get a terrace/semi with such a yeild.

and u r also right about abroad, the deals maybe good today, but sum of these countries dont even hav stable economies let alone infrastructure!

in todays market its only cashflow that is and will always b king (and im only talking about the uk, b4 some 1 whacks me over the head...lol)

Kenneth Smithson

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Date Joined Aug 2005

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Posted Today 12:38 PM (GMT 0)

Why on earth would you bother with those yields? I wouldn't even bother to get out of bed in the morning for those returns. Over the last ten years I have managed a mixed bag of property and stocks and shares. I use a mainstream stockbroker based in the Home Counties (no I'm not releasing contact details) who has provided me with an average return of 16%. On top of that, over the last two years he's achieved 23% and 26% returns respectively. I cannot justify keeping my money in UK property for that reason. If my stockbroker is achieving these returns, how can I justify keeping cash in UK property any longer?

However, I can achieve well over 15% abroad - hopefully more, so that's where I'm investing these days. Isn't this just common sense, or am I missing something? I'm no Einstein, though I did study economics at Uni, so please enlighten me.

I sometimes get the impression that people invest in property in the UK for egotistical or class / keeping up with the Jones's reasons, and just lose sight of the performance of their investments.

Post Edited (Kenneth Smithson) : 9/3/2005 12:40:41 PM GMT

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Piggie Virgin

Date Joined May 2005

Total Posts : 9

Posted Today 1:46 PM (GMT 0)

I think the argument was, if investing in the UK, but obviuosly it u dont invest in the uk, then this thread doesnt apply to u!

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