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2 Bed Flat Nr Mildenhall

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***k a duck! :blink:

I thought it was an innocent Rightmove mistake & they meant the whole house for the asking price...until I clicked on the floorplan! :o

Still, the vendors have seen some sense...its now down to £725k! :lol:

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If you know the area theres some similarly humourously priced homes for sale in Red Lodge, IMO the least desirable place in the area,

Originally on at £500k, no garage, postage stamp plot, lorries thundering past to the truckers cafe 24/7


I knew a guy serving at lakenheath a couple of years back, salary IIRC was £70k (in dollars), annual house rent/mortgage allowance £20k, so there certainly is money to be made renting to them. Should be good longer term (3-5 years) tenants.

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Both the US Military & the MOD at Lakenheath & Mildenhall are seeing cutbacks right now.

Thats one thing that would stop me even considering buying in the area (not that im looking there, but know the area). Lot of locals seem to grumble about the USAF, americans and plane noises, but without Lakenheath/Mildenhall/Feltwell, given its a fairly sparsely populated area anyway, and the bases are required to employ a number of British civilians, it would have a massive downward effect on employment and house prices in the area.

That said, last time i drove past Lakenheath, there was a lot of house building and construction work going on within the base, so i dont imagine theres any plans to move out soon.

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I'm sure that place used to be commune for some Hari Krishna types before becoming a Buddhist school or something.

And yes, it's far too close to RAF Mildenhall for that sort of money. But on the other hand it's proximity to Newmarket might make it attractive to one of the less well heeled Arabs.

You are right!

It used to be a prep skool that went bust & then sold on to Yogi Marharishna flyers!

In my late teenage years those in the know around the Bury area got invited to some massive parties there for a few summer months after the skool closed down - coz someone we knew could get hold of the keys & paid off the caretaker for the weekend!

Amazed it wasn't completely trashed or burned down.

This area and Worlington etc are serious London exile - commuter properties!

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Credit where it's due - the Mildenhall one is beautiful and spacious. So possibly worth almost a quarter of what they're asking...

I like the fact that the Red Lodge one is German built. That clinches it for me :)

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