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Harry Potter Books To Be Studied At Degree Level?


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Dumbing down at Durham?

Bit disappointed with you Juvenal. You know what this is about. Its a philosophy module for teachers, bit gimmicky to use Harry Potter but anything will do introduce a scenario in which we can start to consider the issues. Be high minded about it, all you are going to do is swap Harry or Spiderman for some sort of equally silly Jack and Jill story made up by the lecturer, it really doesn't matter.

Makes me laugh actually when people start talking about some books as being surprising at degree level, as if degree level study was about managing to read<i> really difficult books with long words in them</i>, the Ginn Reading Scheme model of education. Although in slight contradiction of that, I think something snapped in my brain that has never fixed itself from being made to read Hobbes' Leviathan. Never believe anyone who claims to have read it outside an educational context where they had no choice, its never, ever going to happen.

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