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To Commemorate 13 Years Of Nulabour At 100 Days Of New Governmet


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I was browsing and found this genius piece!

I think it amply demonstrates that, for 13 years, we had the most ineffectual opposition in memory.

And in Blair's worst excesses, Iraq and the Fallujah massacre, the Tories were entirely complicit.

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I've noticed that Milipede is big on Twitter and talking about the 100 days etc.

Check out these replies to him:

Want to win the 2015 election? try listening to non Labour voters as well

Stop talking out your backside and be honest about your 13 year legacy

100 days of risk, recklessness and confusion from the Coalition << Come off it!! We had 13 years of it from you lot!! #FAIL

Your friend Gordon sold OUR Gold for half its value LOL

Labour being so perfect and all that

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He was chosen because he was the Tory version of Blair

Of course, the PR people wanted media luvvies and tailor's dummies - besides Cameron, this is exemplified in their selection of constituency candidates.

It was the mood of the time - I suspect the Lib Dems shot themselves in the foot in the same way with Clegg.

I can't believe either are as fundamentally evil and corrupt as Blair, but they do come across as lightweight.

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