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What Changes/alterations Have You Made...

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This will depend on your relationship with your LL.

This year we have removed a pond, laid a lawn, build 2 big stone raised borders, added a work-top in the kitchen and put up loads of shelves in the larder. I'm about to make a large frame in the garden for chickens.

All of this was discussed with our LL first (they live next door). They are very relaxed though, after 12 months of living here they haven't even asked to inspect the house.

Just ask first.

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Relaid lawn in part. Dug out a load of shrubbery for plant bedding or more lawn depending.

Made new curtains, some didn't even have curtains that covered all of window...WTF??

Removed and threw out a load of lampshades of varying levels of grot. Replaced with new ones.

Painted 2 out of 4 white walls in front lounge some sort of marine blue to go with a new sofa.

Ripped out the carpet in on-suite, will get round to replacing that with lino.

Repainted on-suite with proper acrylic bathroom paint.

Replanted all beds.

Ripped out all garage wall fittings, sealed up all cracks and holes with filler or expanding foam where relevant. Repainted floor with garage floor paint. Painted walls with acrylic masonry paint.

Various picture hook holes, bookshelf wall screws and bolts to hold heavy wall items etc.

Permission generally not sought. Glowing inspection reports. Everyone happy, been there 3 plus years now iirc.

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I've changed the lampshades in a few rooms, and the curtains in one.

We've been here 5 years.

I don't think the LL would mind if we did stuff (he used the term "fill your boots" when we first moved in) but the relationship with the Agents doesn't reflect that - for example in the first year we were here, I (foolishly - I should have just got on and done it) asked for permission to remove a small ash tree from the front garden. It was a very small sapling at the time, and thought they would recognise it as being a giant weed, and agree. The agent said he'd have to ask the LL, and check it wasn't a tree of importance to him... 6 months later I got a reply - by then it was a small tree and too big for me to easily remove - so I left it in, and just keep cutting it down.

It's just not been worth the hassle to bother trying to get permission to to anything else.

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I've gone through an air brick and fitted an air con unit (refrigeration unit outside & blower inside) all with permission of the landlord. He was fine with it provided I put everything back and made it good which is normally how things work TBH.

fixed minor things only (i.e. replacing broken drawer handles etc) - anything major is reported to the landlord in writing for repair. Have kept garden in good condition, as that is a pleasure, not a chore!

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Ive lived in this house for a year, and painted the living room & bedroom- there was nothing wrong with it originally, we just didn't like the colours.

I dont think i'd go to any great expense in a rented house though, in case we get our one months notice handed to us. Theres a few things I like to update in this house, but just living with it as is. That is one thing I think I will like when I eventually purchase a house, to landscape a garden, to re-carpet, to put up shelving etc and to know that I will be there long enough to enjoy it.

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You'll find fixing minor things is part of the responsibilities of being a tenant. snip

nope...If it breaks, its down to the landlord.

Fix it by all means, but bill the Agent or deduct from rent.

That means toilet roll holders, handles, anything fixed to the building.

Course, if its a loose screw on a unit, its no trouble to tighten it.

Its what you PAY rent for.

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