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Bee Beard Competition

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We've recently heard about the tragic sauna championships in Finland. Here's another crazy competition I've come across... No victims as of yet :blink:

The unusual Bee Beard competition was held at the Clovermead Bees & Honey in Ontario, Canada. Several competitors particiapted in the event and took the challenege to grab the title of "Best Beard".






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They stick the queen in a cage round their necks - all of the workers think they're swarming, and attach themselves in a great lump.

The comment about the sauna championships is right. If your bees are remarkably calm, you can get away with this - but when something goes wrong, all hell will break loose. Bees have killed a fair number of people, normally when people have got a bit overconfident and handled them without a reasonable level of protection.

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It's only a matter of time until Health and Safety catches up with this one:


Inevitably there are injuries to competitors, the highest toll in recent years was 1997, when at least 33 were injured, resulting in the cancellation of the 1998 event due to concerns over competitor and spectator safety. (Injuries, are recorded as anything requiring treatment by St John Ambulance, who have to 'log' every single ailment that comes to them - headaches, splinters etc. and these are all counted in their 'injuries' for the day.

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Apart from kayaking the length of the Amazon, Helen Skelton from Blue Peter has done stuff that even their resident nutter John Noakes would have been proud of. From the Guinness World Records site:

Twenty six year old Helen has undertaken a number of testing physical endeavours in the past. In April 2009 she completed a 78 mile, 24-hour ultra-marathon in the Namibian desert and has run both the London and New York marathons. She has also taken on many Blue Peter challenges, from speed boat racing to having a swarm of bees form a ‘beard’ on her face!

It was mentioned on the radio that she got stung 5 times doing it and the photo shoot for the Christmas annual book was the next day. Had quite a swollen face on it apparently.



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