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Can Ll Chase Me For Unpaid Rent?

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My LL has put the house up for sale and served me the "seeking possession" notice out of the blue. This honestly got on my nerves as we had a verbal agreement of at least one year's tenancy. the upfront costs of securing a rented property in this part of the country are ca 2K - "referencing" fees, 1 1/2 mth rent, deposit and what not. My current LL will probably try to keep the deposit even if he shouldn't have right to do so but I think he will try regardless.

I feel tempted to withhold last two months of rent to cover the initial cost of the new tenancy, I already have something lined up. Can LL chase me for the unpaid rent or spoil my credit rating in case I ever choose to buy a house in the future?

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Can LL chase me for the unpaid rent or spoil my credit rating in case I ever choose to buy a house in the future?

Yes and yes (but with conditions).

If you don't pay the rent, then you are in breach of contract, and the landlord can sue you for the rent in the small-claims court. However, if the deposit covers the missed rent - then there is nothing to sue for (the landlord can only sue for actual loss - if there is no loss, because the deposit covers the shortfall, there's nothing to sue for).

If however, the deposit is not enough to cover the missed rent (or if there are other deductions, e.g. for cleaning, damage, etc.) - then the landlord can sue you in the small claims court for any shortfall.

If you pay before it goes to court, then nothing happens to your credit record. If it goes to court and you get a CCJ, and if you pay the CCJ within 28 days, then nothing happens to your credit record. If you get a CCJ and don't pay it - then the CCJ will show up on your credit record.

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do you think he would bother taking things to court? I wasn't going to leave any forwarding address anyway so how could he find me?

He gets a court order instucting your bank or eployer to tell him.

I presume that he does know your bank/employer details from when he "referenced" you.


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This all depends on how much money your talking about swiping him for. If its less than a grand I personally wouldnt bother going through courts. If its over 2k then i wouldnt have much choice other than to chase you for it. Also think of what would happen if he did find you. You don't want some lunatic on the brink of bancruptcy chasing you for cash he believes you owe him. I've heard some real horror stories lately. I think landlords are being squeezed from all angles at the moment and some aren't dealing with it so well.

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