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Hometrack Report August

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An average of £13200 has been wiped off the value of a house in the capital over the last 12 months, with average property prices now standing at £261,000 down from £274,200 in July 2004........................

Oh. And look at the supply and demand graph :ph34r: .

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I do have a question about the data. The Hometrack data here on HPC shows that average London house prices went from 249,500 in Aug 04 to 271,800 in Sep 04 but the monthly change shows -0.7%. What happened?

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We must be getting very close to seeing Elvis dancing on the moon.

Wrigleworth may be a pawn for the EA's, but he's not stupid.

His statement was "More chance of finding Elvis on the moon than a housing crash in 2004".

Bearing in mind that housing crashes unfold over a period of many years, he was completely safe in making this statement.

Also his statement about the Pope not having done anything to help the housing market, this was cleverly worded so as to be patently true.

He may win the HPC prize for the most vacuous statements about the housing market, but he's not as stupid as some would like to suggest.

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