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Single Sex Wards

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That's the issue. I have only ever met a handful of patients who cared about same sex bays on wards. Far more issue was taken with the idea of male nurses and doctors providing care to females and even then it doesn't seem to be an issue after about fifty ish years of age.

They care much more about quality of care.

I'd like to see these surveys that say it's a major problem cos I think it's invented to pump up the transfer of money to the private hospitals who mostly have single rooms.

Also while we're here you are far more likely to die in a single room cos the RN staffers can't see you. Remember that when you pay lots for your Bupa care.

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If ill and in hospital, the last thing which would bother me is whether or not it is a single sex ward. Much better to have all the patients with a given condition together in the same ward, staffed with nurses and doctors who are specialists in that area, I'd be more bothered about the quality of food and the cleanliness of the ward.

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Conservatives pandering again.

They might as well get the Daily Mail and rename it "manifesto".

I wish Portillo was leader. Imagine how Great this country could become again if he were leader.

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