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Well,well,well...........how The Worm Has Turned!


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For years we refused to lend money to 3rd World nations so they could build Coal power stations...........we usrred them towards Wind & solare & anything else that would stump their devolpment, we even killed off at China...How dare they build them!

Now, with North Sea gas & oil dropping off fast & the £ about to get hammered......we "Suddenly" start looking for Coal & not deep mines either the NASTY open cast stuff!


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Coal is amazing , they're moving back to it because they realise wind and solar are useless.

The only options for the future are next gen nuclear power , wave generated power , geothermal power and solar power (when the efficiency is far better than it is now - even so in the UK maybe not as much due to the lack of sun out there).

Wind power is an eyesore and kills birds.Also useless when there is no wind.

One final option - kinetic power.Get all the fatties in the UK riding on those bicycles that create electricity ; fix the obesity epidemic and the power shortages at the same time.I'll get me coat.

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Guest KingCharles1st

Great news- we can get all those Northerners away from Labour financed bi-lesbian counseling and touchy feeley central government non- jobs, and back into the pits where they belong! RESULT!


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