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Who Was Your Hero When You Were Young?

Pope Benedict XVI

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My hero was Crusty MacDonald, second row in my school's senior rugby team. It was my first year boarding and I innocently looked up to him as a great player. One night at choir practice I called out "Cruuusty!" as he walked into the hall. He rushed over and shouted at me: "You little ******er, never call me that again." I was crushed.

Afterward I realised he was called Crusty because of severe facial acne. Years later I bumped into him on the street - a bit frosty on my part, but I did notice I was taller than him. And the acne was gone. I still have a splinter of hatred from that old humiliation.

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Bruno Brookes.

No, I'm not joking :)


Bruno was a very under-rated DJ with a great taste in music, wrongly bundled within that "yoof" DJ market of Steve Wright, Pat Sharp and Gary wootsisname.

Though I think you may be unique in having him as your boyhood hero.

The mighty Bruno, for our younger listeners:


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