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How Much Money Have The Halifax Got?

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Their poxy, awful, irritating adverts are on EVERY DAMN AD BREAK

How can they afford to do this whilst pleading poverty to levels that forbid them from lending on mortgages??

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at least Howard Brown has gone! yes, their adverts are probably more irritating than










ah, friday nights... cancelled camping trip... car blew up... skint


but i'm chipper

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...the pay half percent on a deposit / savings and charge 19% or thereabouts for an arranged overdraft ....any fool can make money that way ...'licence to steal' .....all the banks are doing similar ....is this an agreement between themselves they have....?... :)

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Is it illegal to organize a bank run?

"Legal" doesn't matter. "Moral" is more important.

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Had an account with them for over ten years.

[They bought the Leeds Building Society, as I recall, who I was with at the time, in the nineties]

Bar none, consistently over that ten years, the sh1tte5t bank I have ever dealt with.

Long Long List of mistakes, theft, and utter incompetence.

Two Typical examples:

1.] Pledged money to tsunanmi disaster relief fund. Who did not take money from my account for six months. Went 4 pence overdrawn for a few hours, the morning they took the money, during which time, I bought pack of cigarettes, at one shop. Pan au chocolate at train station, and can of coke from shop near office.

Charged £30 for going 4p overdrawn, [for less than twenty four hours] Then £28 per transaction for each switch transaction.

4p overdrawn, for less than a day, through no fault of my own, cost me £114 overdraft charges.........

[Off topic: Although unprovable. It did occur to me in the past, that the system, of hundreds of small 'hidden' Labour stealth taxes, that f@cker Brown introduced, encouraged an 'ethos', in banks, and big business, who followed this 'example' thinking that this kind of theft was acceptable. Labours example was to rob the taxpayer of as much as they could. Coupled with a complete lack of regulation. As Banks followed suit, introducing, around the same time, a number of their own small 'hidden' charges. Like DD charges. etc etc. Allowing banks to behave in this way, is just government supported theft.]

Their staff on the phone, were always utter tossers.

2.] Withdrew £100 from Yorkshire Bank ATM. UsingLink card. Cash Machine only had £80 in it. Went into bank, told manager, who said, money would be transferred back into my halifax account.

Long story short. Went into Halifax branch every other day for over 4 weeks, each time told by Halifax manager that no money had been repaid. But also told each time by Yorkshire Bank manager that the £20 had been transferred back into my account almost immeadiatly.

It had.

But not by a system the Halifax were expecting.

Tip of iceberg stuff.

Halifax are utterly useless F***wits.

In 2008, I requested under data protection act list of overdraft charges, and complained like F**k about their incompetence, citing numerous examples. They offered me £275 back. I told them to F**k off.

They then doubled the amount which I accepted.

[but as usual, they even got that wrong. Paying me the wrong amount at first]

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