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Keep A Eye On Euro Yen ....


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A sustained break of 110 in EUR/JPY is always a harbinger of bad news for markets.

We are flirting with that level now. A hard break below 110 that is sustained for a few days is often a sign of very weak markets.

No Black XXXday prediction here. More just an observation that the clouds on the horizon are quite a bit darker now than they looked even a few days ago.

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And September fast approaches.... isn't September usually pretty bad for the markets?

Yes! September and October are the most likely months for any sort of crash, be it major or minor. Historically they always happen then. When the west returns from holiday time the real volatility begins and then it becomes a sudden move from volatility to crash territory. So many pundits are now suggesting it, the confidence is coming out of markets on the weight of opinion as more and more poor economic news comes out in the USA. In turn, as we see a major export market floundering we are joining in the worry, with lower growth forecasts etc.....

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september/october you said? Spoke with EA yesterday about low sales volume, properties not coming on the market, etc. He said EA's are lunching marketing campaign to bring more houses on the market in september, heheheheh, yeah right, marketing campaign, ********. But do they know something that we don't? :huh:

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