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March 09 The Start Of The Largest Propaganda Campaign In History?

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Back in March 09 post the G20 there was a clear shift in the media stance regarding the crisis we are in. My belief has been that in combination of efforts by the global governments to fix prices to prevent a deflation spiral taking hold (US pumping the stock markets, Oil being stock piled to push prices rapidly into the $60 region and China stock piling commodities) they also worked with media on a massive propaganda campaign by the MSM. One could not be achieved without the other and it was very successful.

Many people found it hard to believe governments could control either the markets or the media. Is this the first insight into the steps taken to get the green shoots messages over the airwaves?


Gasparino Confirms Jeff Immelt Scolded CNBC Staff For Being Anti-Obama

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/10/2010 22:29 -0500

Charlie Gasparino, who recently left CNBC not on the best of terms, and ever since has been casting stone after stone at his former megalith employer, was on the O'Reilly Factor earlier, confirming what everyone has known for a long, long time, namely that CNBC's pro administration bias which appeared spontaneously and unexpectedly in early 2009, came from the very top, i.e., Jeff Immelt himself. Quote Gasparino: "There was this issue where Jeff Immelt, Chairman of GE, called in some of the senior staff [of CNBC] and clearly was worried, according to the people I spoke to, who were in that meeting, about the possibility that we were becoming too "anti-administration." They will deny it officially, but from what I understand, people got called into this meeting and they were basically not exactly read the riot act, but the question of whether they were being fair to the president was brought up. I have never heard that before." Of course, with GE one of the primary beneficiaries of the administration's TBTF largesse (lest we forget what a toxic repository of worthless toxic filth GE Commercial managed to become), this is not at all surprising. We just hope readers keep all this in mind if they ever are exposed to CNBC content.


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