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Keiser Report: Explains How Robots Trading The Stock Markets & A Lot More

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This one is a classic, saw it yesterday on RT (SKY 512) Max & Stacey at their best.

also includes interview with Bregtje van der Haak about her film “Time for Change”, worth a view me think.

Some excellent work going on around the world against Banksters, heart warming stuff.


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Meet the new revolutionaries of the Do-It-Yourself cultures in Barcelona, Tallin and Jakarta. They are modern day heroes. They do not wait for political parties or institutions to change their world; they simply do it themselves, by creating new local currencies, by working in social networks or by simply robbing the banks and redistributing their money.

The world economy is in crisis and public trust in financial institutions has hit rock bottom. As commercial banks were bailed out with billions of taxpayers money and continued to practice their old vices, many people lost faith in bank managers and politicians. They got angry at the speculative financial system that brings extreme wealth to a few and instability and unemployment to many.

Could this dissatisfaction lead to social change? Can we imagine viable alternatives? Backlight goes on a worldwide search, with sociologist Manuel Castells and philosopher Peter Sloterdijk.

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Good post and good show. Why do I have a feeling that these robot trading systems will be responsible for or greatly exacerbate a massive stock market crash? Basically, there's no way that a computer system can be programmed to take account of every possible eventuality. Every such system is effectively similar with similar goals and actions. When something unexpected/unprogrammed happens, they will all react in a similar way - either "failsafe" and stop trading or more probably "shit, make sure we don't lose, sell sell sell!"; or some other weird "does not compute" glitch. Of course, nobody will have seen it coming. :rolleyes:

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