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Why did all the recession (sorry "Downturn") falling-lines-trailing-away-from-letters logos under Labour always end with little upticks, but spending cuts under the Coalition, just trail away ever downwards messier, and messier, ending up like streaming tears?

Aren't the spending cuts also designed to end in a little uptick, or otherwise why are we doing them?

(God I hate the BBC - even glimpsing it with the sound down. :lol: )

Logos? Do you mean the charts/graphs they show?

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Why did all the recession (sorry "Downturn") falling-lines-trailing-away-from-letters logos under Labour always end with little upticks

They didn't. Sorry.



Ah, you and I posted at the same time. I think you overanalyse things a little...... You might equally have pointed out that the line in the previous one goes through the floor. And in any graphic device, the line has to end somewhere.

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Wrong again. :(

Hang on, you've just posted a line that goes down as an example of a line that goes up.

Goodness me, I've been back on HPC for ten minutes after spending months away and I'm already remembering why I gave up.....

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I give up too. Now we can all relax.

As we're now relaxed, I might suggest that what you remember may have been the graphic used when GDP started going up again. From memory, that one did go down and then start to turn up. Just a guess......

If anyone's interested, sometimes BBC News has graphic "brands" that are given a fair bit of effort because they're likely to be used regularly - "The Downturn" was a classic example of that. Others are just knocked up, sorry - carefully crafted - on the day. A fairly reliable guide to whether something has involved a bit of investment is whether it moves in something resembling 3D when it animates (moves), like many variants of "The Downturn". We've got limited 3D capability in News and it's very labour intensive - a sequence will usually tie up a designer for a whole day, which is a lot for us - so 3D is generally used for things that will be used more than once. The graphic of the attempts to cap the BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is a recent example. "Brands" aside, generally 3D will only be used if it really will make it easier to understand the finished result; doing a 3D graphic will usually mean three or four other stories don't get a graphic.

You might well argue that news broadcasters overuse graphics. You might well think they're something TV news producers do because they can rather than because they make a story easier to understand. But that's another issue altogether, has even less to do with House prices and the Economy, and in any event I Couldn't Possibly Comment.......

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Thanks for not destroying me. I was obviously wrong.

It is an interesting insight into my own mind - how fixed I am in my mindset, so much so that I create false memories. Your description of how the logos are created sounds very realistic - I'm sure there is no conscious intent behind them, yet they often fill me with ire.

I suppose they are a summary, and just as I have a mindset, the graphic designer does too. If the designer and everyone in his world sees public spending cuts as a bad thing, it is almost impossible to imagine someone else who sees them as good. I, for example, would produce a glorious graphic with laughing children and butterflies freed from the yoke of debt and future taxes. :lol:

Not destroying you - no worries, never my intention. Play the ball, not the man. Or woman, of course.

Conscious intent - well, I hope they have that! Subliminal intent - I don't think we're that clever......

Glorious graphic - yeah, were I to produce one privately, I'd have a similar theme. But I'd probably use champagne, fine pinot noirs and first class flights to the other end of the world to represent the freedom* that comes from lower taxes and a budget surplus.

*As if the reduction of my tax bill would let me take first class flights to Oz. Premium economy, maybe. I clearly need to become a BBC Senior Manager.

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(God I hate the BBC - even glimpsing it with the sound down. :lol: )

Sadly you were not a child of The Glums, Journey Into Space, The Goonshow, the old Archers with Walter Gabriel, Muffin The Mule. The Flowerpot Men, Ray`s A Laugh, but best of all The Day Of The Triffids.

How they kept our peckers up during those austerity years when it took 10 years from the day I was born 1943 to finally see and taste a Banana. :(

You see those were the days when the DG only got a fiver a week pay plus a bus pass from home to Portland Place. ;)

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I've just woken up again!

I did love the BBC when I was young. It's basically since about 2005 when I signed up here that my affection began to fade. Then, like all good love affairs, love turned to hate. Just the shape of Hugh Edwards' head sends a grey shudder through my viscera.

Just look at the female newsreader on News 24 with the spectacles ( lost for the name at the mo due to a bottle of wine )married to a Plumber, gawd I would die for her. :D

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No, they always have some sort of logo to go on the screen behind them.

For example:


This one hits a shaded floor, as if there is a limit to how far down it can go. We used to analyse them to death because we were bored, but the subliminal message was always the same - 'don't worry, good times just around the corner'.

Yes, I agree with you Durch. I remember that graphic well, and I hated that too. It definitely had a message like "it is just a temporary bump, a little thing", and then up again.

EDIT: And about the new graphics for the Conservatives Spending Cuts - red background with white letters, with lines down from some letters. Recently it gave me the impression that "blood was running down", but the lines running down were white, not red, so I didn't say anything. But my wife said: "looked like blood was running down!"

About the BBC bias, I think it is primarily a public sector bias ("thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded"), and only then, consequently, a Labour bias.


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