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The Hurricane

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When the fire of London destroyed the Great City, Pepe's, the great architect of the time, designed a New Central London. It was never built, what happened was that all these little plots of land were pegged out by the former owners, remember no one got killed, quite why is a mystery.

How exactly are they going to redevelope these area's of the USA. Those that are not dead presumably have mortgages, how will they be payed when no one has jobs. Former owners can't be prevented from pegging what they see as thier plots just like Londoners did. Who will grab unclaimed land, individuals, banks, state. They can not develope to any overall plan because of the financial interactions of landowners, banks and state.

The economy can not restart because as soon as liquidity is produced it will be sucked away in debt servicing by individuals.

The only way for them to go, is I believe to wipe the financial slate with these people. Design a developement strategy for the area. Do a deal with the insurance company's to raise money with which to prime the economy, they will go for it. Set fair laws about how much land any individual or company can buy no matter how much dosh they have. We need to think outside the box on this one, any ideas.

The problem with debt cancellation is that it will also wipe out savings. The poor will remain poor and the rich will join them, they will scream blue murder.

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