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In Climate Science, 2+2=5

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Mann: 2+2=5

McIntyre No, 2+2=4

Mann; thats bizarre

Mc: 2+2=4, just say it Mike

Mann: it doesnt matter, look over here we say 3+3=6

Mc: 2+2=4

Mann: it doesnt matter, ask gavin

Amac: ya 2+2=4

Mann: it doesnt matter

Mosher: Can anybody besides steve just say that 2+2=4

Dehog: You said Piltdown Mann once.

Mc: 2+2=4

Gavin: it doesnt matter:

Tiljander: 2+2=4

Arthur Smith: I”ll look into it.

Amac; 2+2=4

Gavin: Can we change the subject, we said it doesnt matter.

Mosher: can you say 2+2=4

Lambert: Fuller is full of it.

Bishop: Mike said 2+2=5, but 2+2=4

Tamino: Bishop said 2+2=5

Mc: Bishop was explaining Mann.

Amac: 2+2=4

Kloor: why can’t we reason together?

Gavin: we try, but they wont read our answers.

Amac: 2+2=4

Gavin: There he goes again, please shut him up.

Mc; 2+2=4

RC commenter: Do your own science Mcintyre

Mc: 2+2=4 is not publishable. Mann needs to correct this.

Mann: its all in the SI

Amac: hey mann website now says 2+2=4

Gavin: The exact value of 2+2 is uninteresting. move along

RC commenter: Hey McIntyre said 2+2=5

Mc: no I didnt

RC commenter: oops, my bad, but I’m right in spirit

Gavin: discussion over, lets talk about the black list.

Kloor: all you people who think 2+2=4, can discuss this further.

Scientist: Tiljander’s paper wasn’t perfect, lets pressure test her.

Amac: but 2+2=4

Scientist: Can you give me a reading list?

Continues here http://climateaudit.org/2010/08/06/mosher-on-gavins-frustration/ :lol::lol:

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