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Being Single Is More Expensive?

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I'm sure this story was run before:


Aren't they assuming here that if you're in a couple, both of you are working? Otherwise you're effectively a single person paying for everybody else under your roof!

The biggest aspect of the "singles tax" is housing, with people who live alone having to pay an average of £7,080 a year on mortgage or rent compared with £3,804 for someone living with a partner.

They seem to have ignored the salient point that the single person owns 100% of the house at some point in the future whilst the couple own 50% each. Obviously if the woman spent several years at home bringing up the children, whilst hubby pays all the bills and then divorces hubby taking the house etc etc then it would be even more skewed.

All in all it's a spurious and misleading article. That said I think 1 person 1 house is not only unsustainble but a pretty stupid waste of an 'asset'.

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There's nothing stopping single people from sharing.

Indeed, you could rent out a room and make a tidy tax free profit on it.

One thing I've noticed re the difference between single and married with kids is that having to take holidays during the school hols is eye-wateringly more expensive than being able to bog off on a cheap flight to anywhere whenever you want.

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