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Political Test

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Guest Bart of Darkness

I'm only slightly less libertarian than Ghandi apparently.

Quite a surprise to me too.

EDIT: I thought I'd turned a bit more right-wing as I got older.

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I seem to be somewhere between Ghandi and the Pope. So you might see me taking mass in the river Ganges.

What has fascinates me about this Left – Right positioning of a person’s political leanings is what factors determine this in the course of our political development and awareness.

Two brothers of the same family one could be Labour the other could be Tory.

Two families of similar circumstances and background in the same street one left the other right.

I believe most of us usually when children take on our Dad’s prejudices, until we are teenagers when we discover our Dads are p****ts and later adopt our own opinions.

But what is it that tilts the scales? To use the Old Testament as an analogy What is the `small still voice’ which tells our heart where on the political spectrum we should be.

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It was a while ago but I came out as a Nelson Mandela Ghandi sort. People mistake belief in free markets for some kind of fascist agenda. In fact it is all about liberty: quite the opposite. Similarly they think tory types should favour ID cards, but ID cards are authoritarian.

Today I hear Blair wants to get involved in how parents bring up their children. There is a point at which concern becomes interference. A point where big brother becomes Big Brother. Socialism for all its acring and sharing will therefore always be the home of authoritarianism.

Like you say top site.

There is a Religious Compass also. Can't find the link tho. Seem to recall I was athiest / agnostic border.

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First question was

If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations

That raised my rag and couldn't proceed any further.

Sorry :D

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