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Are Secretly A Soap Fan?

Dave Beans

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Definite no these days.

Over time I have watched / listened to in descending order of frequency:

The Archers


Neighbours (early days)

Eastenders (early days)

If I have watched any in the last 5 years it's through politeness because I'm with somebody who watches soaps.

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The good wife watches Coronation Street and has recently started to watch Eastenders again. She uses Sky+ and watches them when I am not about. They depress me.

I also do not like my kids watching soaps.

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i used to be a big fan of the australian soaps, in my w@nking days. here are some of the antipodean tarts who wrecked my eyesight over the years.

Chloe from home and away


Flick from Neighbours


Annalise from Neighbours (or Analize as we used to call her)


Sally from home and away


Bea from cell block H


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I watched Eastenders and Brookside in the early days,when they had some interesting storylines(Brookside had the body under the patio,Barry Grant's gangster connections,the scally Jimmy Corkhill blagging his way into a teaching job,and a young Jennifer Ellison in her schoolgirl outfit) Eastenders had Nick Cotton,the Mitchell brothers gangland fights,and a good sub-plot when Mike Butcher's(?)daughter lived on the streets.Nowadays just watch Coronation Street,and have done since 1976! Lots of the scenes remind me of Alan Bennett's writing.I miss Blanche's one-liners,and some of the conversations are positively surreal(Graeme's in particular.)

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