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Is Photojournalism (Or Other Media Job Titles) Dead?

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Today I look at the world of magazine and newspaper publishing and I see no photojournalism being produced. There are some things which look very like photojournalism, but scratch the surface and you’ll find they were produced with the aid of a grant, were commissioned by an NGO, or that they were a self-financed project, a book extract, or a preview of an exhibition.

Magazines and newspapers are no longer putting any money into photojournalism. They will commission a portrait or two. They might send a photographer off with a writer to illustrate the writer’s story, but they no longer fund photojournalism. They no longer fund photo-reportage. They only fund photo illustration.

This is an interesting article on the sad 'death' of photojournalism, which also touches on the death of professional journalism more generally. Almost no magazines fund photo-essays anymore. Photography is now just clip-art for factory-farmed word count.

In a way I totally sympathise with the sentiment but the media only had itself to blame - first it dumbed down so far that 'anyone could do it' and then the net came along and, suddenly, anyone really could do it.

Knowing some freelances, rates for pictures and writing has fallen and some that made a good living as a freelance a few years ago are now looking for salaried jobs in or outside their field, or temping to make up shortfalls in income.

While blogs and forum postings are good, almost none have any serious funds behind them. So aside from opinion pieces, whistleblowing, or making public the author's personal or organization-funded research, bloggers can't really replace old-school authoritative and investigative journalism.

Does it matter? What are the implications?

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I know photojournalists and all have got out - the pay is lousy and the dangers high, especially in war zones.

Most went into wedding photography and have done well - hence the trend of having wedding photos shot in a photojournalist or documentary style. I seriously considered it.

However, most became paparazzi because the money that can be made there is mind-blowing. The photojournalists I knew got fed up being paid peanuts for a 'great photo', sometimes risking their lives, whilst the paparazzi was increasingly full of jack the lads who had little or not photography training but who got paid a fortune for a celeb snap.

Big bucks in paparazzi stuff.

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