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Straddle Buses

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Straddle buses?


I was about to write a post on me blog about this.... but what say you HPC?

It's obviously copied from a Japanese movie from 1994


The road runner from Patlabor 2 is shown at about 6 minutes when she gets stuck in the traffic jam. I always thought UK motorways could do with spider trucks like that so that if there was a traffic jam or an accident paramedics and or rescue/police vehicles could simply glide over the traffic with its extendible legs.

But in China they are proposing buses which are sort of like the massive dock cranes you see. Feasible?

Remember this is China which is currently not run by accountants who says its a great idea but..... (i.e. they have Maglevs, 100s of new airports etc)

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Can't see it going round corners easily, susceptible to road traffic accidents.

I have often thought if we converted the outside lane of our motorways to railfreight it would save huge amounts of lorry miles.

Shaghai Maglev looks fantastic, seen it on Nat Geo, sadly the two I have actually seen in the UK were duff - Merry Hill Shopping Centre,Dudley never worked properly and the Birmingham Airport one was flaky

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