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Rightmove "star Buy"

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With that particular property they deemed it appropriate to place 'rear entrance porch' at number one in the list of attractive qualities. Ohhh, a porch, not just a door. Posh.

If that is the best thing about it I'd imagine they would welcome any old pointless attempt at 'marketing' .... and some rectum vomit for brains will lap it up too.

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I was expecting it to be a rear back to back as the property has a rear porch but there's no mention of a front door, but it is a through terrace. Looking on Street View it appears a council estate has been built on what was previously the front.

Sir Sterling Slumlord may have an opinion as I think he's in Huddersfield. I know the area a little and would expect that to be a fairly normal current asking price for such a property. Probably 2.5 to 3 times it's price of 10 years ago, but that's normal now. It's within easy walking distance into the city centre and is stumbling distance from the Rat and Ratchet pub which used to be excellent.

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