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Hi Gang,

Any Toyota RAV4 experts out there?

I'm looking to get a cheap and cheerful 4WD now as they tend to be a bit cheaper in the summer and have decided an old RAV4 (1994-2000) fits the bill for what I need.

Doing my research and various car websites state the cambelt should be changed every 60K miles or 5 years.

Just phoned up a garage to go look at one and asked when this item was last changed and was told "never, they don't have cambelts they have timing chains which don't need replacing".

Err, just googled RAV4 cambelts again and there's loads of info about them so is this guy full of s h i t ?

Anyone got any experience of what items one needs to check have been replaced.

Car i'm going to look at has a full service history so that does fill me with some hope.

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Maybe you should check out the Toyota owners forum - specialist car forums are normally a great source of info.

Hell no!

HPC is the fountain of all knowledge.

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On any vehicle with cambelts, it's a good idea to get them changed when you buy it! Unless you really know it has been done recently!

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