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Nationwide August Report

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the article states:

31% of take home pay on average goes to mortgage repayments.

comapred to 35% at the last peak.

that was at 15% interest wasn't it..?

hmnn.. levels of debt more then double last peek...


so let me think we are 4% of the last peek but we have almost record low interest rates and back then they were record highs.. So the high propertions show massive debt and low interest rates

Think about this.

last time interest rates hit everyone no matter when they had borrowed and the percentages of take home pay above shows an average.

think about it

It is only in the last five years that house prices have been so very high.

So many out there have massivly different mortgages.

It would be interesting to see what percentage of take home pay a recent FTB had to find.

I have heard it said that if interest rates climbed above 10% then a lot of people would be having to pay over 100% of their take home to service their loan..

Even 6% would be a massive impact.

at least we are not seeing economic signs of interest rates climbing and a recession..

oh.. sorry we are arent we.

Read what the article says about the economy. and debt.

this is more relevent then house prices

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