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It seems that there's a record number of counterfeit £1 coins out there this year. I remember a load of them floating around during the last recession too.

It is of course ironic that the govt. prints £200bn via QE and at the same time the counterfeiters decide to follow the example.

I also remember reading about N. Korea printing perfect US$ and the US just reducing the amount they printed based on estimated forgery numbers. It got me thinking that we could just do the same. Allow the next batch of QE to be printed by the counterfeiters. I'd be well up for printing up some dodgy tenners.

Of course this would be terrible because it would allow a bunch of undeserved gangsters to benefit from the money printing rather than the people who are actually doing something productive...

...Erm, wait a minute. :huh:

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      • up 5%

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