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World Splits In Two As East Tightens While West Stays Super-Loose

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World splits in two as East tightens while West stays super-loose
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, 16:46, Tuesday 27 July 2010
India has raised interest rates and issued a stark warning on inflation dangers, joining China, Brazil, and other tiger economies in concerted moves to tighten policy.
The central bank raised its reverse repo rate a half point to 4.5pc, still far below the level of inflation. Food prices have been rising at 16pc.
"Inflationary pressures have exacerbated and become generalized. Real (Frankfurt: BJU.F - news) policy rates are not consistent with the strong growth that the economy has been witnessing. It is imperative that we continue to normalise our policy," said the bank, which also raised its repurchase rate a quarter point to 5.75pc.

Inflation in those parts which are inflating and deflation where the economy is deflating. The worlds way of correcting the E-W imbalance.

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The REAL danger:-


Its NOT Taxes as much as rates, @ some point (Very soon) the cash will flow East.......we will be forced to either:-



Rates higher

& i don't mean a bit higher..............i mean MUCH higher !!!!!


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Do I understand right - the countries producing all the tat that keep our inflation rock bottom are heading into serious inflation territory themselves? And we think we can avoid that?

You've got to love irony haven't you.

Too many people not enough resources, prices are only going to go one way and interest rates won't help.

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War or famine coming in our lifetimes.

they usually appear as a double act

the west has remained rich by always suppressing the 3rd world

if it cannot continue to do this financially and materially

it will resort to warfare.

The problem is that due to Iraq/Afghanistan no one will believe the spin required

any more

If that great prophet of doom Nostradamus is to be taken seriously (yea yea I know)

then according to some it will come in the form of an Atomic explosion in the Aegean sea

rogue missile from Iran perhaps (false flag of course)

after all Greece is fekked anyway

now where did I put that tfh

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The population needs reducing, the only way to achieve this quickly is war, starvation or epidemics.

India's population is still expanding, they are stupidly creating a massive timebomb at some point something will happen to reduce it.

Thing is india is a dynamic capitalist economy with no social protection and very little appitite for revolutionary change or violence against the government. I lived there for a while.

Everybody works and works hard. You either compete - or quite literally die on the streets. It is in every way a fantastically / horrifically competitive place.

In my view that will solve its problems in the long run. They will either become the most competitive economy in the world and probably the ritchest large country in the long run, or there will be mass starvation.

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Aye, that'll be shining bright.

When this guy eventually finishes his pipe and runs out of money he will be walking up and down the train line picking up plastic bottles to sell them for scrap so he can eat or seeling chi on the train or stiching t-shirts ect.

His English equivalent would be on benefits for life, probably get a council house because his addiction makes him vulnerable and get disability benefit due to the associated mental health problems. during his partying I'm sure he will have had a couple of kids so he would get 25K odd in child tax credits.

Think about it, which system will win in the end, their's or ours?

If you don't have money there you work or die. It is the harshest form of capitalism but also leads to the most competive salary. The hours people work in offices in mumbai is bizare

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