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Results Of Wilsons Auction

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Isn't it a bit suspicious that they're auctioning property in Detroit via an auction in Scotland? Unless you understand the intricacies of US property law, which varies from state to state, you'll need to hire a US-based estate agent to handle the purchase for you, even if you buy the property at auction.

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Just checked the results of a Rothesay, Bute property I was watcing on the Wilsons auction site

Found these two properties in the USA that failed to sell.

Ok I understand they must be in a lousy area but at these prices of

£3,000 +

£2,900 +

makes our price drops pretty tame.

£3k for a house in Detroit is a complete rip-off. I'm not surprised it didn't sell. $100 is more like the going rate for that sort of place.

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