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I Know How We Can Get House Prices Reduced!

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I remember when the Internet was for PORN, WAREZ and MUZAX

So why am I spending all my time talking to virtual friends?

Well the answer is SIMPLE - Since I came across this site my knowledge and optimism has grown at a larger rate than the housing market!!! What makes this site stand out above the rest is the wealth of knowledge amongst it. Armed with this knowledge I have EDUCATED numerous people into the reality of the market and I have achieved that by what I have learnt from this site. Plus the many news and market sites.


Well I simply backed up my arguements with FACTS (like 99% of the people here). I managed to convince my sister-in-law who is the typical "This house is the best in the street I aint gonna accept less than 2% discount" into "well that's just totally phucked me off" :rolleyes:

I convinced them WITH FACTS from LR Data, Ourproperty.co.uk etc that the house they were selling for £168k would IMHO probably only get £150-155k MAX. But I also reassured them by showing them the house they want for £225K had a LR price of £195k. I explained that they are actually better off. Their views on offers has changed significantly.


The sheep all say HOUSE PRICES WILL NOT GO DOWN - In the Long Term maybe not (If they did we are all stupid for wanting to buy one!!!), but in the SHORT term they can, and they ARE! Their arguements correct long term, but not short. This is the area we really need to get through to people. Most people are GREEDY but also THEY ARE RATIONAL (I hope). We need to target the sellers and the buyers but also MARG and HILDA down the street who can start conversations about the madness that is the housing market.

I propose the following, please please comment:

All's I suggest is to get an A4/A5 piece of paper with this website address at the bottom, and worded a document as follows, or similar.



You are NOT alone. House price are said to be overvalued by as much as 40%.

"at this point insert statements from reliable sources that people recognise - BBC, REUTERS, CNN, MERV"

Next choose a house for sale within 1/2 mile of the newsagent

A house within 1/2 mile of THIS shop is on sale with an ASKING PRICE OF £170,000 (if possible snapshot the property website but BLUR the picture so no one recognises their own home, also cover up house number), yet a similar house sold (get as recent as possible) for £152,0000. Then snapshot www.ourproperty.co.uk, nethouseprices, LR or whatever and again just remove the house number).

Dont believe me? Well try it yourself. We are all paying TOO much for our housing!!!!

Dont be debt ridden!!! Don't pay exhobinate prices. Before putting an offer on any HOUSE check the internet for SOLD prices.

The market has had falls for 14months but asking prices continue to RISE. Enough is Enough!!! We, the public are the only losers. The banks, the government and EA's are all laughing in our faces.

We want affordable housing.

A typical terraced house in this area has an ASKING PRICE of "at this point choose a typical home in the area" £145,000. If a First Time Buyeing Couple wanted to buy this, they would have to be earning £46,0000 jointly. This is based on a managable 3.5x salary. It is improbable that a LENDER would allow this.

The Mortgage repayment on this property is £824.45 p.c.m. for a 25 year repayment Mortgage at 4.75%. IF the interest rates were to rise to just 6%, which is likely (look at the way Oil is effecting the economy), this would then be £932.20!

The reality is, the Average Wage in the UK is £22k a year. In this area it is a little "less/more". In order to buy this house at the 3.5x salary 1 person would need a deposit of £68,000!!! With a partner earning £13k a year they would need a deposit of £55,000.


If you are selling and moving UP the ladder. A 20% drop in prices across the board would help YOU!!! Your next house is 20% cheaper - You borrow LESS!!

And average terraced house for THIS area cost £48725 in 1999 It now cost £148000

Visit the following websites and make your own mind up. Shall we continue this madness or shall WE do something about it?






Together we can make a difference - See reason!!!


Now put this up in your local newsagents window! It will cost you about 50pence a week. Then wait. See if public opinion changes - ask the newsagent IF anyone complained or dont get involved at all. If we educate our own to come to this site and see the SPIN that the media feeds us. Let's show people the reality and convinve them that dropping prices now may be a good thing becuase they are dropping all the time. If they believe they will get their FUTURE home cheaper they will go for it.


Anyone know of any legal issues here?

I think this is a CHEAP and powerful way to educate the sheep. Lets be honest I WAS BUYING before I read this site - Now there is not a chance for at least 12 months!!!

We are the border collies - lets turn them sheep!!!

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Why not try and sneak one into Sutton Kersh's window. IMO they seriously over value houses just to get more properties on their books. I won't even go and look at a house being sold by them because I know the vendors are going to be greedy B@stards who have taken the highest valuation and are under the delusion that their choice of flock wallpaper has added an extra 20 grand to the asking price.

Actually I hate Halifax too, and VTJ.

Sorry about the rant but had to get that off my chest.

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