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Willetts Creates First Private University For 30 Years

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One for the miseans to jerk off over.


The UK's first new private sector university college for more than 30 years is being announced by the universities minister.

David Willetts will allow London-based BPP, which has 14 regional branches, to become a university college.

The new college, which offers law and business degrees, wants to expand into health and teaching degrees.

Private universities will help to create a "dynamic and flexible" degree system, says Mr Willetts.

The new private-sector university college has ambitions to set up a range of new courses in the next 12 months.

US parent company A planned school of healthcare could offer degree courses in areas including dentistry, nursing, radiography, speech therapy, psychology and physiotherapy.

"It is healthy to have a vibrant private sector working alongside our more traditional universities," said Mr Willetts, who has conferred university college status with immediate effect.

"I am delighted that, less than four months after coming into office, we are creating the first new private university college in more than 30 years."

Adding to the significance of this move is that

Mr Willetts says that private universities will help to develop innovative ways of delivering courses, such as online degrees.

Innovative. That's always good isn't it.

So who are they owned by?

Apollo Group


Joint venture with Carlyle Group

According to a news release October 22, 2007, Apollo Group and the Carlyle Group will form a $1 billion joint venture to invest in international education services which will be named Apollo Global. Apollo Group has committed approximately $801 million and will own 80.1% of the new company. Carlyle has committed approximately $199 million and will own 19.9%


The Apollo Group was the target of a securities-related lawsuit [15] alleging that the group disseminated false financial statements to stock purchasers. In January 2008, Apollo was found guilty of fraud for misleading investors by not disclosing a Department of Education report harshly critical of University of Phoenix's recruitment practices. The jury awarded the plaintiffs $280 million.[16] The Nasdaq Listing and Hearings Review Council notified Apollo Group of possible delisting of its shares, and a New York law firm filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Apollo made false and misleading statements and omitted material information concerning the backdating of options granted by the company.[17] In the midst of the Nasdaq probe, Apollo CFO Kenda Gonzalez and Controller Daniel E. Bachus resigned.[17]

On January 8, 2010 Apollo said that the US Department of Education report found that its students were not properly aware of tuition costs and financial aid eligibility

We're saved. Well done Dave.

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...because socialists are whiter than white which is why they are hardly ever held accountable.. and capitalists are all PIIIIIIIGS especially if they are found out sometimes.

you'll be telling us some of them got speeding tickets too

piiiiiiigs! piiiiiiiigs!

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