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Local Government Piggies Under Investigation In California Too

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California City's $800,000 Manager Quits Amid Outcry
By Christopher Palmeri - Jul 24, 2010
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When Bell, California, resident Roger Ramirez heard in 2008 that the manager of his town of 38,000 residents may be the state’s highest-paid municipal employee, he asked City Hall. He got only part of the answer.
City Clerk Rebecca Valdez sent him a one-page memo that gave Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo’s annual salary as $185,736 and that of city council members as $8,076.
“I should have asked for other benefits,” Ramirez, an emergency-call operator, said in a telephone interview. “I went in and just asked for the salary and that’s what they sent me.”
Rizzo resigned July 22 after the Los Angeles Times reported July 15 that his total compensation was almost $800,000 a year and that Bell’s part-time council members took in almost $100,000 annually, mostly by serving on city-affiliated boards and commissions. Had Rizzo been an executive at a public company, his total compensation would have been available on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website, a convenience not open to citizens or bondholders of local governments.
“Transparency, there is none,” former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan said of municipal disclosure in an interview. “The things they hide from the public are just monstrous.”
California Attorney General Jerry Brown, a Democrat running for governor, and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, which administers the state’s pensions, said on July 22 that they would investigate compensation paid by California local governments.

AFAIK my lot are all on over 100k each (Brighton) and the District boys are said to be closer to 250k. Nepotism is rife too to fill the highly paid non-jobs like racial equality officers and youth coordinators (90k).

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well, it all looks above board and legal...WHO allowed all this...WHO APPROVED and WHO checks up.

as I said, its legalised theft by a crony mafia.

and we have it here with jobs for the boys in Quangos and other cushy, highly paid numbers.

This really does need to be crushed. the whole thing is a drain on society.

And for those who bleat that cutting these jobs down to size would affect the economy, I say, nuts....the tax we DONT pay will be spent in things we DO want.

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