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Most Affordable Cities To Rent In+Rents Going Up 10%

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Unless I've got this wrong (and please someone point out if I have...)

.. this is filed under 'Family finance'. Yet it's based on the cost of renting a *room*.

How many families do you know who want to rent a room. Don't the want to rent.. er.. a home?

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Instead, it’s the one city where I have personal experience of the rental market that is officially the least affordable to rent – Southampton.

If you want to rent in Southampton you’ll be handing over more than a quarter of your monthly income in rent – a whopping 27%! Indeed the actual average rent in Southampton is only slightly less than that you’ll pay in London, astonishing given the fact there is nearly £700 difference in monthly income.



This is nonsense.

You can get a two bed flat to yourself for this much in Sotn.


The idea that you have to pay that much to share a house is just plain wrong


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