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Todger Photos Baffle Old Bill


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Guest Skinty


C'mon! Own up! Typical HPC behaviour!

Who's been plastering Sussex towns with photos of their old chap?

Yeah I noticed that as well. But then it said that fees were about to rise and figured that was the point of the poster. You're supposed to think of the member getting larger.

Sussex university is a hotbed of wannabe radical political protest and they're rather put out if they don't actually have anything to protest about. The LGB society once chalked all over the campus "We don't convert we recruit". They got a telling off from the NUS for that.

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The police should have a todgerprint database.

If you are arrested, a policewoman should ink your todger and press it hard against a piece of paper, for official records.

Tough on crime, if you've nothing to hide, etc.

Doesn't he post here? Will he mind?

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I think the Police need to get on top of this willy quickly !!

Last thing they need is an extended willy hunt, cornering it and Gazza turning up with chicken and beer claiming to be best mates.

Could leave a bad taste in the mouth.

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