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The beeb are still at it. What is the point in showing episodes that are 3 and a half years old. It has as much relevance as showing old News at ten programmes. Looks like the beebare still in denial.

Simple reason why they're still screening these shows - they're cheap.

More 4 are still showing old Krusty & Phil shows that bear no relationship to the current market - doesn't stop the property porn-addicted sheeple watching it though...and that includes my wife. Sigh.

I watched about 10 minutes of an old Relocation show with her yesterday and felt like hacking the TV to pieces. The amount of times K&P mentioned the words 'investment' and 'increase the value' was astonishing. The couple buying simply wanted a place to live - K&P were more interested in getting them to overspend on their budget - speculating on price rises that we all know just won't happen for many years...they are nothing but glorified EAs.

Expect another backlash in about a year when the crash is in full swing.

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