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Thank God Liverpool Are Not Spending Cash On Cr*p.


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Mike, would it kill you just to give us a couple of lines in quote from your click-through? I've already clicked to open your rather enigmatically titled thread, and now you want me to waste bandwidth opening up a link to God knows what - on the basis that it could even be footie related, and life's too short, and half the time I'm looking at this on a mobile, I'm not going to. Please give us just a taster in your posts, go on...

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Nothing to do with football I'm afraid. Liverpool are spending £380,000 on an "expo" in Shanghai with a "star studded" line up.:lol:

LIVERPOOL council bosses are set to give an extra £330,000 towards “Liverpool Day” at the Shanghai Expo.

They said the funding is needed to make sure the finale of the six-month exhibition is a “‘resounding success” with a “star-studded” line-up.

The move means the council’s contribution to the cost of the Expo in China has now doubled. Some opposition leaders described the move as outrageous coming just days after the council announced major cuts to projects for the most deprived communities following the government’s withdrawal of grant funding.

Both the Liberal Democrats and the Liberal group said they would be calling in the decision for scrutiny.

My bet is, they will get sod all out of the Chinese.

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Guest theboltonfury

Me too :D .... He is a shit. injury prone, greedy player now he has left Chelsea :lol: ... He was alright a few months ago..

You must despise Ashley Cole then?

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