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Just seen an ad* on Channel 4 suggesting that, amongst other things, the economy could be causing erectile dysfunction.

The other thing that could apparently be causing it is your pet dog looking at you in a funny way.

So come on boys, is it?

*Advertiser is a company called 40over40

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Men suffer from erectile dysfunction while trying to fark ugly birds.

If you chicks took better care of your bodies to say nothing of your attitude, it would not be an issue.

Fact is men want to fark you but when push comes to shuv sometimes there are glitches because you are just not damned hot enough.

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Apparently you're beautiful so I rest my case. Of course it wouldn't happen to you.

It's your ugly sisters with attitude I'm talking about.

Yeah, some of them were great farks and the ones that weren't have always been extremely understanding with me.

But I hear horror stories ....

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