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How It Ends

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Excellent website:


Love this quote:

'As soon as the money supply was checked house prices had to fall

and there had to be a recession. If property prices collapse

so will the UK banking sector. '

Not to ignore"Between 1975 and 2005 the age of a first time house buyer rose from under 25 to over 40."

The governments of the Western Nations have been dependent upon their people borrowing more and more as their manufacturing capacity has been lost. GLOBILIZATION

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Good site!

Here is the fun bit for me:

"The fact that 70% of all the new dwellings in London were being bought for investment in 2006 shows the perilous state of that market. It was not new owner occupiers who were supporting the market but speculators looking for a quick return. A housing market that has few new players entering it has to collapse eventually. The housing market in Britain is a pyramid that has lifted away from its base. As a result property will not be a good place to invest cash for the foreseeable future."

70% of all new dwellings in London were bought by speculators?????? Jesus Christ!!!!

I wonder how much was leveraged?......

How much on IO mortgages, just betting on HPI?

Sadly large chunks will have been bought cash by bankers with their bonuses. :angry:

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