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Another Peer Has Collar Felt..

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Guest happy?


Oh dear, oh dear........

It was bad enough in the last parliament but the corruption goes on anew


Ashcroft's up to his old tricks again - this time he wants the British army to fight his personal battles - I've read that Conservative peers have told him to be a disappointed man:


At least The Lords stand up to this odious individual.

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Guest happy?

Another savaging from the dead sheep that is Bruce Banana

The nasty party's back in town. Will Dave do the decent thing - or will he stand by the unacceptable face of Conservatism?

Goldsmith's aggression can't hide the fact that he's wont answer the questions - why is he so full of bluster:


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This is a website to discuss house prices, not a Labour Party recruiting forum :angry:.

Just a little, legitimate balance for once, Bruce.

In the context of house prices it is fair comment to remind people how the Tories are world leaders in hypocracy and that, in Government, that has a malign influence on our economic health.

Anyway, Libcon is proving to be Labour's best recruiting sergeant.

Ready to sign up?

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Guest theboltonfury

His hands look white but his face black.

Have the tories actually resorted to painting white candidates black to 'make up the numbers'?

No. I don't think so.

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