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Well as they are now recovering 100% of spill to a vessel they have measured it at approx 8000 bbs per day.

Not quite the 100 thousands everyone thought

According to Admiral Allen, a US Govt spokemans;

It remains likely that we will return to the containment process using this new stacking cap connected to the risers to attempt to collect up to 80,000 barrels of oil per day until the relief well is completed.

Oil Drum Linky

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My son came and shared this news with us along with the message "I told you to buy some of their shares"


Hands up on here who else didn't buy any but did manage to post in one of the dozen or so threads about sea floors cracking and BP being finished over the last few weeks.

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Good luck. To late really. You should have bought them @ 369 a few weeks back like i did, then bought again @ 319 , wait to see if it bounced off 300 or carried on dropping. It bounced otherwise I would have bought in again @ 250.


It didn't bounce off 300 , it crashed straight through it.

It found support about 292.

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