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So You Think The Media Etc Tell It Like It Is?

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In his farewell article Christopher Fildes, financial columnist to the Daily Telegraph for 21 years spills some beans on who you should believe and the new art of financial spin, which he refers to as hedonomics.

Fildes style has always been rather obscure to the financially illiterate: you have to be familiar enough with the subject matter to get the joke. This articles is no different, but regular HPCers will have no trouble understanding the eccentric writers mussings. I for one will be sad to see the old chap go.

Hail, hedonomics - it's the dismal science with its own happy ending, 30 Aug, 2005

Here's a snippet:

A friend of mine survived as City editor of a Sunday paper on a repertory of two articles. "Shares have gone down, they are cheap", he would write - or, alternatively, "Shares have gone up, they are rising."

When challenged, he would say that this was what his readers wanted. Relaxing with a mug of coffee on a Sunday morning, they had no appetite for being told that they would soon be poorer. I thought at the time that there was a flaw in this argument. Now I realise that he was a pioneer of hedonomics.

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It's what makes people the pathetic beings that they are, they really can't handle the truth when its put to them.

It will always be this way, people think they read between the lines, which to an extent some do, they just seem to overlook that the lines are misguided in the first place.

People en-mass are stupid. They can carry on their pathetic little lives oblivious to their surroundings, have kids, then die.

Each to their own but i flatly refuse to be one of them.

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Guest Charlie The Tramp

Thanks for the link sledge.

I have in the past read the old gentleman, liked his articles, although sometimes out of my depth.

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Yep a very good article and very true, tell em what they want to hear.

Ever noticed how friends ask for advice, when in fact what they really want from you is confirmation that they did the right thing in buying this or that. They don't actually want advise, they want a big dose of "Herd Karma" :rolleyes:

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