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Reuters Poll: U K To Escape Recession

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No UK relapse into recession seen - Reuters poll
Andy "Andrew" Bruce, 14:43, Wednesday 14 July 2010
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's drive to slash state spending is unlikely to trigger another recession but neither will it help the economy flourish much over the next 18 months, according to a quarterly Reuters poll of around 55 economists.
With consumer price growth staying stubbornly high over the last quarter, forecasters upped their inflation predictions.

We have escaped the consequences of debt creation and the collapse of the banking industry. To avoid recession we must have job growth, rises in real wages and more HPI.

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We have escaped the consequences of debt creation and the collapse of the banking industry. To avoid recession we must have job growth, rises in real wages and more HPI.

Anything might still happen......anyway how can we continue to have low interest rates, high HPI and wages when we have to compete with the rest of the world? ;)

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) - Sterling rose to a two-month high against the dollar on Wednesday, helped by better UK employment data which suggested the economy
continues to emerge from recession
and boosted hopes for a sustainable recovery.

IIRC today's jobs data was abysmal and showed that there is still 2.47M unemployed and that what little growth in numbers there has been is all down to part-time jobs.

No one wants to admit that the recession has not gone away, moreover, they have now found out that Gordon's hidden debt is around 4TR which would ordinarily send stocks, gilts and sterling down faster than a large lump of lead in a vacuum.

However, the farticle continues with the realist bit at the end:

Analysts said that whilst the labour data was encouraging, there were nagging doubts over the outlook for the economy, particularly as a survey by Nationwide showed UK consumer confidence souring further in June.
"Unemployment may very well continue to fall in the near term, but there is a very real danger that it will start to head back up later this year and then increase in 2011," said Howard Archer, economist at IHS Global Insight.
The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition has announced hefty cuts to government spending and tax rises to try to rein in a record budget deficit, raising fears Britain's fragile economic recovery will struggle to gain momentum.
"There are some worrying signs on consumer confidence and the housing market and sterling's rally could run out of steam," said BNP Paribas (Paris: FR0000131104 - news) currency strategist Ian Stannard.
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