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Gordon Browns "f Plan"


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'Brown's Former Cabinet: 'Labour Is Finished'':


Miranda Richardson, Sky News Online

Members of Gordon Brown's former Cabinet said Labour was "f***ed" and "finished", in the run-up to the General Election.


Gordon Brown's colleagues lacked confidence he could lead them to victory

In the second instalment of his memoirs, published in the Times, Peter Mandelson describes a meeting at Downing Street last October at which Harriet Harman proposed basing the party's election campaign around three Fs: future, family and fairness.

The former Business Secretary recounts that other ministers proposed their own Fs.

"How about f****d?" Alistair Darling proposed. "Futile?" said Douglas Alexander.

"Finished," added Lord Mandelson, who was chairing the meeting.

He also reveals that Mr Alexander thought Mr Brown lacked the "skill-set" to be Prime Minister and that Mr Darling said Labour would lose if he remained in charge.

In his book, The Third Man, Lord Mandelson says:

:: Mr Brown vetoed a proposal from Mr Darling to put VAT up to 18 or 19%;

:: Mr Darling opposed a proposal from Mr Brown to rule out VAT rises under Labour throughout the Parliament;

:: Mr Brown told Lord Mandelson "I just can't communicate" and admitted he should have called an election in 2007;

:: Mr Brown accused James Purnell of disloyalty for raising questions over economic policy in Cabinet, shortly before Mr Purnell resigned

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I had a friend who was totally against recycling with the view that Simon Cowell etc were flying to LA every minute.

But I can't help myself. I'm recycling mad! Can't bear the thought of throwing something away that could be re-used.

What are other people's views? Am I wasting my time?

Interesting stuff - shame they didn't have the guts to kick him and support those who wanted him to go at the time.

OTOH - not sure what to make of anything Mandelson says - he'd sell his own granny for £20!

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