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I'm going to make you click on the report to see their YoY figure!

Bear in mind this is an asking price index though.

PS: Who is meant to update the table of indexes on HPC's font page? It's looking a bit out of date again.

I'm happy to take on the task if asked...

Looks like all the indexes are going negative, will be interesting to see Nationwide and land reg figures next month.

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Negative YoY that's interesting. I wonder how this differed from rightmove?

I like the bit about the reductions increasing and how hard it is to sell at the moment. I have to save I don't give much weight to the figures though, they seem massively different from all the others.

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Land registry already is negative. It's only nationwide left standing I think. Or maybe DLGC too.

Nationwide still at +0.1% mom

Hometrack still at +0.1% mom

DGLG still at +0.4% mom

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Thanks for posting the report and I have to say after reading through and seeing that the north east has had a -3.4% change since this time last year it ties in very close to what I have been seeing of late. A lot of properties on my bee from right move have been dropping by between 2500 to 5000 especially as of recent. Taking the 3.4% off my price range which is about 175k that works out to be just over £5000 reduction. Definitely seeing the figures becoming fact.

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