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Grassroots Effort On Bringing House Prices Down

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How many of you go to local meetings on housing development proposals? If you go to the meetings its usually NIMBY community members.. usually retired people or trust fund people against every development proposal and developers and large property owners who want to subdivide.

But there isn't many people from the community who are pro-development. At these kinds of meetings maybe a few dozen people show up.. so if 4 or 5 people like us showed up it could sway things. The NIMBY's keep speaking 'on behalf the community', as if the community is all against new buildings. But if you are not at the meetings, not involved in the process you have no voice.

One thing our grandparents and great grandparents did was become actively involved civically. And not just a fringe minority like people with large inheritances or bohemian young. And not just for commercial reasons like corporate lobbying or professional associations.

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You get a wider audience with the letters page in the local paper!

And it's less effort.

I have slept through enough insane meetings to last a lifetime. :)

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