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"house Sales Soar 20% In June"

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(Warning; Economics for 10 yr olds in action)


"HOUSE sales soared 20 per cent last month as buyers took advantage of more homes on the market to barter down asking prices.

The number of properties sold leapt from 53,000 in May to 63,500 in June, said analysts Acadametrics.

David Brown, commercial director of LSL Property Services, which sponsors the Acadametrics price index, says June’s figures are the highest this year.

But he added: “There may be an army of first-time buyers waiting for market conditions to improve meaning falls may be temporary.” Data from the Halifax showed property prices fell for the third month in a row during June.

Meanwhile, interest rates stayed at a record low of 0.5 per cent for the 16th month yesterday – the longest period they have been left unchanged since 1953.

Experts said factors such as a fall in inflation and a positive market reaction to last month’s Budget made a rise later this year unlikely."

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Guess which paper had this as a headline?

I'm so disappointed :(

I thought this was a real competition, & I just knew I would win it because it lacked a dumbo premium rate number.

Ruined my day you 'ave Lulu.

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It always "Soar" with those feckwits isn't it?

Never "rise" or "increase".

I presume they are indulging in self-parody to stop anybody else doing it.

It is OK. They will "skyrocket" after prices have "collapsed" and buyers and sellers are willing to transact in normal volumes again.

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A lot have been selling around where I live (East of Brighton) but they are selling for MUCH LESS than 6 months ago. More on the market and sellers getting very nervous. A big correction is underway and its good lots of houses are selling as it will be reflected in the stats--if nothing moves the stats remain more static.

Good news IMO. Express shoot themselves in the foot on this one.

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They really should moderate their comments. They let you write anything on there. :)

To preserve it in case they do spot it:


09.07.10, 12:19pm

Just when you think this paper can't get any worse with it's blatant bias and poor reporting it surpasses itself with a classic like this. (well maybe not quite as bad the "booming" article a few months ago)

They have taken a report shows the FORTH CONSECUTIVE FALL and cherry picked a figure which in vein attempt to ramp an obviously falling Market.

Seriously give it up and try to write some real articles, it's pathetic.

• Posted by: WillGreen99 • Report Comment

Nice one.

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