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Public Sector Workers And Trade Unonists Unite

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Let's outline a basic plan for the boys in blue and yellow.

Problem - the banks need more money, more printing but the obvious route is now closed by popular demand. Therefore we need a solution that creates more demand for printing, popularly.

Cut cut cut until the squealing starts, aim everything frontline where it will be most missed.

Public sector morons beg for printing "you did it for the banks, do it for me"

Printy printy - funneled through the banks

Thank you for carrying the can, unionistas. "it's just like the 70's" etc Hell, if they get it right they can even have some form of labour government back in place for it. What I find of particular genius is Camerons' idea of "the big society" which he started well in advance of the election, which is going a good way towards making what is completely inevitable and neccessary due to the financial position look like some sort of philosophy.

Ofc, the smarter and more predatory are being given either longer leashes or protected benefits...often in a poison chalice kind of way.


GP practices are set to be handed responsibility for most health services under ministerial plans for a radical shake-up of the NHS in England.

Local trusts and strategic health authorities would be sharply scaled back to make way for their new role.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley believes GPs are best placed to understand patients' needs and to decide where money should be spent.

But there are concerns GPs may not have the skills or will to take on the role.

Others have questioned how they would be held accountable.

Which I take to mean "if you manage it somehow we'll take it back off you later on."

And of course it all has to be democratic, the ultimate way to blame the victim -


Ministers turn to Facebook users for cuts suggestions

But this crisis remains all about the banks and the need for them to get away with the massive fraud they just commited. Housing will probably continue to hover and slowly fall down the stairs, but not crash unless the syatem implodes overnight or something black swanesque occurs - for it is the fulcrum around which the banks balance sheets pivot. They can and will throw everything under a bus to keep the banks going, keep that in mind. Including you.

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