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Silver Bullion Coins .999 Best Place To Buy Uk?

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Weighton Coins are very good and often do bulk discounts...Weighton Coins

Alternatively try Sarnia Silver they seem to be the cheapest I can find at the moment. I've used them personally and found them to be very prompt with delivery: everything is sent from Guernsey; so if your item is under £18 it escapes the VAT on importing it to the UK.

Most of their coins are around £17 at the moment.

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Default October 2010 would be next opportunity to buy low re: charts

October 2010 would be next opportunity providing all follows history; Bull Markets have three stages , first a slow upswing , second consolidated upswing when Investors desperate to find 'Parking Space' for money, (we are in beginning to middle of stage 2. Stage 3 Public and anyone else all gripped by 'don't want to miss out' like a Real Estate / Dot Com / Tulip / boom. See the charts at link below.

Third stage is a growing bubble, irrational exuberance. Mentioned in evening news programs..."Today Tonight" "Should you be buying Gold?" Koshie holding the Breakfast Show in a Gold Vault. Third stage starts when people become aware of this small corner of the worlds 30 Trillion Economy, possibly strikes during a Sovereign Debt Default or recognition US Dollar is not a Safe Haven.

Note: commentators as applied to Gold rarely use the words “Safe Haven” anymore. Plenty of people ready to buy scrap Gold, very few selling and no big talk from Media about Gold.

Silver, you would not know the stuff exists lest of all that its very cheap, the Media is owned by the Elite, Silver is a very small market. Some estimate 200 Million Ounces actually available in World Stock piles. Half a Billion $ would dry up the Market.

My thinking is when no - one is talking about something, especially Mainstream Media then its probably worth a look at. Physical Possession is only real safe way to own Metals. Stocks are very vulnerable as Silver is Mined as a By Product of Tin , Lead etc mining. Stocks are not a safe option.

Deflation is probably the only scenario where Gold & Silver could be adversely effected. Even during the Great Depression after initial drop during Deflation phase Gold gained 30% after meddling by FDR and JP Morgan.

Little known fact: JP Morgan avoided duty in Civil War by paying $300 to have another serve in his place. This was Legal, can't have the Elite's kids being blown to bits by Bullets Daddy manufactured.

Today Silver is $18.40 USD per Oz, Aust Dollar @.86, that's $22 Australian, for an ounce in a 100 Ounce Bar, a machined coin is $26 to $27 for one Ounce. Buying a 10 Oz Coin the Machine price drops to $25.50.

If buying the 1 Kg coin the cost per Oz is $24.17. It would not take much for Silver to reach an Australian Spot price of 24. Per Oz. ($19.50 US per Oz with Au Dollar at $.81 to the US $ = Aussie Spot of $24 per Oz in Bullion form not a shiny 10 Oz coin.

The price of converting Bullion into Coin is not fixed, at present its about $5 an ounce, if Silver doubled in price the 'machine costs go up as % of cost of coin. Hence Silver coin of 1 Oz at $30 + $9 to $12 in overhead,

Britain is putting a 20% GST on all Silver coins, US is preparing $600 'declaration' limit (Name & Tax Please).

Ideally Silver and Gold will continue upward at steady pace, 14% up this last year. A good Investment is one that has a low probability of loosing 50% -100% of value. Silver is never going to loose 100%; highly unlikely 50%, 10 or 20% on ups & downs always a possibility.

Long Term.... 2 to 5 years, the price should Triple. There is 1 Oz of Gold for every 15 of Silver in the ground. The price of Silver should normally reflect this ratio. Presently it takes 67 Oz Silver to Buy 1 of Gold (67:1). Ratio at (15:1) = $80 per Oz, that just reflecting the fundamental supply ratio. If reserves are as low as we think they are who knows ???

GoldSilver.com News Headlines "Race to Debase - Middle 2010"


Try the perth mint

I am at a loss to know if silver or gold are a buy at the moment

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http://www.coininvestdirect.com/ are the cheapest depending on postage. If you want one coin the sarnia is cheapest. If you spend more than about £2000 the coin invest have free postage and a reduction in postage at about £1000 spent. I think coin invest is the way to go.

silver eagle, sarnia silver £17.25 incl P&P

silver eagle, coin invest £15.92 excluding P&P

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I use Sarnia and Channel Islands Silver bullion http://www.silvercoinsbullion.co.uk/index.php, who have a similar range.

One firm may be 25p cheaper than the other.

I have also started keeping an eye on the window of Spink's in York - they get second-hand silver ounces in sometimes and sell about the same price as the new ones off the internet.

I have also bought silver ounces off ebay, but it is rare to find one for less than the Guernsey companies.

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How does that work? Is it a case of handing a cheque to the UPS guy?

yep. you also might get a 'phone call beforehand from the depot asking what on earth is in the box so they can work out the VAT, i guess. this isn't for the paranoid! :lol:

UPS do a tracking thingy so you can watch your package trundle around over the 'states until it turns up. i guess if you are out when it arrives they'll take it back to your local depot for collection.

firstmajestic's website is much improved from the old days - you used to have to order it, they'd send you an invoice and work out the carriage for you. now it is done online before you send the order. sounds standard enough but i'm sure someone worked out the figures manually before emailing what looks like a sales invoice from quickbooks (a small accounts package aimed at SME's).

i can confirm that the 50oz bar is lovely. occasionally i can be found in the depths of depravity just turning the thing over in my hands enjoying the 'weight'. :P

i don't buy much silver these days but for a sizeable order it used to be a pretty economical way of building a stash. they are a bit more commercial now and track the spot price better.

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this is my first post so please go easy on me :-)

I'm intending to buy some silver coins and I've read this, specifically the line "Silver, Palladium, Platinum: VAT is payable if bringing the metal into the UK/EU. ". Now my question is if I have silver coins delivered to France (where VAT is lower at 7%) and then bring them back to the UK, will any further VAT be payable or will the fact that VAT has already been paid within Europe take care of this?


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